Sunday, June 05, 2011

For My Kids.

It's that time of year. The school year is coming to an end, and ideas about next year are swimming in my head.

This school year has been full of joy and fun, struggles and challenges. Annie is excelling in every area. Anthony is doing well also, but struggling. I've written before about his challenges. With all three of the kids with me 24/7 I have my moments of feeling quite overwhelmed, especially when facing Annie's need for constant challenge in her work, and Anthony needing special one-on-one time to get things done. I guess you could say I'm admitting that I need help! We started with getting Anthony in to a Behavioral Psychologist. He will be doing testing next month to check for things like learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, etc. It will be good. With all the challenges that Anthony clearly seems to be facing, and his need for special attention, I can't do it all! Kevin and I, and the Psychologist, all have come to agreement that I need help in schooling the kids. (Throw Matthew and his challenging personality, and constant trouble making into the mix, and I'm lucky to get through the day without feeling overwhelmed.)

The other day we went to our parish school and got all the necessary info to get them enrolled. It's very obviously beyond our financial means to be able to enroll them. But I am confident that if they are meant to be there, it will happen. It is a wonderful environment, with very small classes, and excellent curriculum. It would be perfect for both the kids. Anthony would receive the attention he needs, and Annie would be in a great environment. The classes are no bigger than 25 students, and most are around 20.

It is my hope and prayer that we will be able to manage it somehow. If at all you can help, we would all be so grateful. Just click the donate button to the right. Even if you are not able to help financially, your prayers would be gratefully accepted too!

Also, from now on, the money from my diaper sales will go directly to their school tuition fund. So if you are interested in cloth diapering, please do check out my other website to contribute that way as well!
I will start sewing diapers again this week, so please keep an eye out over there!

$200 by July 1st will reserve their spot in the school. Right now, that is my goal!

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