Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Sometimes, when Matthew stops moving and is just still, I like to sit and watch what he does. Granted it only lasts a moment. If you so much as blink that moment of calm quiet will be over. That's why I am so glad I had the camera in my hand, (actually I had just taken it away from him). He's now 17 months, and boy was there never a more boyish boy! For a moment, while I was watching him there on the porch, I was afraid he would either start pulling the little seedlings out or push them onto the floor. Mostly I thought they would just end up on the floor. He has a habit of pulling or pushing everything on to the floor.

(So if you ever come to visit and are amazed at the mess, just know I spend all day following around behind him cleaning up messes. Actually, they are more like small disasters. He could make a mess of anything! Feel free to pick up whatever you would step on, or just walk around it.)

I love him to pieces.

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