Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello out there.

What's new with you?

We've started school. Kevin is back at work, thought starting this coming week he'll be taking vacation. My family is back in California. I've been working on my art and crafts things. Keeping busy.
My neck is healing from surgery pretty well, but I'm still sore and limited on what I can do. It'll be a while still before I'm fully healed I think. And I'm getting used to the medication. I'm not sure my prescription is what it should be at yet...I feel very sluggish. He already gave me a higher dose once, so we'll see what my levels are before my next appointment and go from there. I've been having these horrible headaches since shortly after the surgery. Pretty sure they are related somehow. I did figure out, however, that if I take my medications separately and hours apart from each other the headaches aren't nearly as bad. They seem to be getting better with time.
I'm having trouble concentrating on things, but I think that might have to do with it all as well. I feel like someone stole my mental equilibrium. It's weird!
So what do I have to share....nothing much really. We're doing a lot of cleaning up and organizing around the house. Kevin is taking time today to show the kids how to clean. (He's an expert.) They started with the car this morning. And now they have moved on to their bedroom. He's currently teaching them how to make their beds properly. I haven't heard any complaints or whining, so I'm assuming everything is going ok :) I've been occupied getting the baby to sleep and getting lessons ready for next week.

Next week Anthony starts choir, and I'll be getting Annie signed up for ballet. I think they'll both enjoy doing something of their very own. I have originally planned on doing ice skating again this school year, but the drive and the expense just seemed unreasonable. The hour drive was what killed me. Anyway...this way they will be at their own functions. And then I'll be signing up for MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) at the Baptist church just up the road. They'll have classes for Annie and Anthony both, with some very much needed Mommy Time thrown in there while they are occupied. The group of Catholic Homeschoolers from the surrounding area has also decided to start having a monthly Mass and get-together at our parish which I'm pretty excited about. They had a once monthly Mass and get-together at another parish, but it was nearly an hour away... Maybe I'm just lazy, but it's too far for me.

That's about all that's going on here. That, and I miss my family!


Anonymous said...

And your family misses you.

The Mavys said...

Matthew has those Grandpa Coelho eyes. Adorable!