Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Quiet Saturday

We have a fairly quiet weekend this weekend. Today Kevin is taking Anthony to sign up for Football. (When did he get old enough for that?) Tomorrow we'll do our regular Sunday activities, and on Monday we're planning on heading up to Elizabeth City to visit with some of Kevin's family.

Annie and Matthew are here with me while Kevin takes Anthony. She's a non-stop talker. I think she gets that from Kevin. They all have that characteristic, which is ok. I'm not much of a talker, but the constant talking...I have to have quiet sometimes otherwise I get grouchy. Most of the time I tend to just zone it all out, and as long as I respond every once in a while with a grunt of acknowledgment or something Annie will be perfectly happy. I don't have much interest in video games, in fact I get bored out of my mind and irritated with the constant noise, but it is a huge subject of discussion around here. I think I'm tending towards crankiness in my old age! Anyway, I'm hoping that the kids real life extra curricular activities and interaction with others will give them something new to talk about. I have more patience for those sorts of things.

Annie will start ballet/tap on Tuesday, and now Anthony will have football along with his Cub Scouts and choir class. It's a good load. Anthony's stuff always keeps us really busy. It'll be a challenge getting through everything with Matthew now that he's walking. I was not ready for him to be walking so soon. He's all over the place, and he has no patience when he sets his mind to something. The older two want my constant attention. It makes for Mama to be easily frazzled.
The last week or so my surgery scar has been really red and inflamed. I hadn't realized that there were still a few stitches left in it. They were just under the skin causing infection again. Both the surgery incision and the drain incision site are pretty painful still. You would think that more than a month later this would all be better by now. I go back to the Endocrinologist to go over blood work and all that jazz on the 13th. We'll see how things look!

If you read my other blog at all ( you'll notice I haven't been doing much in the way of creating things. I'm behind on finishing up a painting for a friend of mine. Hopefully I'll get that done this weekend so I can send it out on Tuesday. I had to do it over again because the first try...I ended up hating it the more I looked at it. Don't you hate when that happens? So this time around I'm much happier with it. I just need to get it done.

I tend to get easily discouraged about my art work. If there is reasoning behind it, I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps part of it is that I look around me and see what other mother's have accomplished with their art work and I get grouchy. I should be able to be successful, too! My tendency to look outward instead of inward might be my problem though. I get envious of their success. Got to work on that. The whole point of my work was to earn money for the kids to be able to do things. Instead my focus got out of control. I'm working on it.

Life is a constant work in progress on yourself isn't it...

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The Mavys said...

How many of the "other moms" just had their thyroids removed and have an infant and two kids to homeschool? This mom is VERY impressed!
Give it time, things will get easier (or not :)