Monday, July 26, 2010

Post operative check up today.

Headed this morning to my doctor's offices, first to get my bandage off and talk with the surgeon, and then to check in with the Endocrinologist. I never thought I'd be one to say "I'm really looking forward to some drugs,", but I'm certainly feeling that way. I feel very odd. It could have something to do with my missing organ! I guess it just really bothers me to be feeling so weak and dizzy/lightheaded all the time. They said it will take some time to get my medicine tweaked just right. Let's get started please!

You know me...I've been feeling very lazy sitting around not doing much. I like being useful and not wasting time. It helps to that my body only wants to move so fast. The morning after I got home I think I probably over did it a little getting up and working on some screen printing projects. I should have just stayed in bed, but I was feeling this need to do something. A better project would have been some embroidery or something. Just and FYI for ya in case you ever have to have surgery. :)

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