Monday, January 11, 2010

The craziness of life!

It's crazy how you just get caught up in everything. Time seems to be flying by way too fast. Probably because we've been pretty busy, and you forget how much time and work a little baby can be. I'm lucky to be showered and dressed before 3pm some days. I'm making an effort to get up earlier, no matter what time the baby wakes up or how often I was awake during the night. Helps me to get more done in the day and be better organized with everything.

We had Matthew's Baptism this past Saturday. It was a really nice day. We were all amazed at how quiet and calm he was during the whole event given that he's been soooo darn colicky. Somedays he seems to just cry all day no matter what you do or don't do. Often I have to just set him down, and go in the other room to chill out for a few minutes so I don't go out of my mind.

So Kevin is set to leave very very soon. It's amazing how that has sort of sneaked up on us. He's been shopping for and packing up his gear.
(Saying goodbye for deployment 2008)

It's interesting how the dynamic changes with everyone when he is preparing to go. He tends to start to distance himself. I tend to get irritable, but do my best to keep it to myself:) The kids are clingy to him, and he's making an effort to give them lots of attention while trying at the same time to distance himself a little. It's very subtle with the kids but I can see it. It's a defense mechanism, I know. It seems harsh a little, but my feeling is "Can you hurry up and leave so we can get this over with already!" That's my defense mechanism, I think. I hate long, drawn out goodbyes and such. I'm more for "Lets do this and get it done!"

This time I don't really have to worry about his safety much as he's going to be on a ship rather than in the line of fire. He'll be bored for sure. I bought him a Kindle reader for Christmas and he's been downloading books like crazy. That should keep him busy for a short while! We'll be busy with school, and then summer stuff. I'm going to get our garden going this year and finish the makeover on the master bathroom, and get the front bathroom redone as well. I'm making lists already of what I want/need to do in his absence. I also want to get my art/craft business back up and running. Nothing like staying busy to pass the time! Hopefully we'll get to visit out West as well. I miss family and friends. If we don't make it out there before he gets home, Kevin wants to go out and visit everyone when he returns. So either way a trip back home is planned.
In the mean time...Little baby boy is growing fast and is almost out of his small diapers so I have some work to tend to. He's in the in-between stage, so he's not quite fitting the medium covers, but he's getting there! I have some sewing to get done while he's napping!

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The Mavys said...

You're way tough. Love hearing about you're family!