Thursday, January 21, 2010

All that takes place.

Yesterday we sent Kevin off for another deployment. He'll be sailing the seas for 7 months, visiting places in the Mediterranean and elsewhere. They might get to visit Rome and the Vatican. I'm very excited for him about that. I have been there, but he has not. I hope he gets to. I know it will be a trip to remember, that is for sure.

While he is gone I have numerous goals in mind to keep me busy. There are several things I'd like to do with our home; finish the master bath makeover, do the main bath, get the garden going, do some things in the kitchen. There is so much that I'm having to write lots of things down. Actually I'm a bit overwhelmed right now. New baby, alone again and feeling a bit discombobulated. Sometimes I just look around and feel like it's all too much, and that I can't even remember how to wash the dishes. But I keep reminding myself to take baby steps and give myself a break. I don't have to be supermom. Thank God for that.

I was talking with my mom about how every time Kevin leaves I feel like I go into a sort of mourning phase. I get sad, and then I get mad that I'm sad, and then I get mad that I am mad. And then...well....I don't know. I guess I just get numb. Or go into denial. Whatever. It works and then I can function again. Haha.


Ok moving on.

Matthew is so darn cute. He's growing past the colic and miserableness of the last 6 weeks. He wakes up in the cutest mood...All smiles and giggles. It's so much fun. He'll even sit for a bit and just "be" without crying. It's such a nice change!!!!

I love being mommy!


The Mavys said...

So sorry you have to be alone :( Wish you were closer to us.
Matthew is adorable!

Celeste said...

Me too. We'd come hang out with you guys often!