Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Sharing:)

She's my little helper. Constantly on me, near me, by me, following behind me. I find her at the kitchen sink "washing" dishes, in the laundry room putting laundry in the washer (whether it's dirty or not), and at the kitchen stove on a stool (AH!) checking on my food. She wants to change diapers...but we're not quite there yet.

This is what it looks like outside this morning. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold. Not snow, but might as well be!

Below, little boy finally lost his cord stump so we've been rockin' the cloth diapers. The Pediatrician commented, "Oh these are WAY better than disposables. He won't get near as many diaper rash issues. And they're cute!"

I need to make more diapers. These small ones will probably last for another month, I'm guessing, and then he'll be into the mediums. From other cloth diapering mom's I've heard they last in the mediums for quite some time, so when I can I'm going to build up my stock a bit more.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh he has changed sooooo much! He looks like family, love the look on his face.

Susan said...

Love the little mother hen. She looks like an old soul, for sure. That little man of yours is adorable!

The Mavys said...

Fun post! He's adorable and so is Annie. For me, every month gets easier. Babies are so much work! Merry Christmas