Monday, October 05, 2009

Not the most glamorous, but still.

YouTube is good for something.

Like watching how to uninstall toilets. Something which my brother helped me to do last night. Mostly I handed out instructions while he did the heavy work. Such a great guy:)

I've just had enough of that stupid toilet in our bathroom. The handle kept breaking, which meant I had to keep fixing it. And it was running and was almost like water torture. No, it was water torture. A while back Kevin and I had picked out and purchased a new one, and I was waiting for him to have the time to install it, but he's been so busy lately that when it could happen was anyone's guess. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get on with it. So I Googled, and YouTubed everything I could find. Mostly I was just worried about ending up with a huge puddle of water on the floor, which actually didn't happen at all. It was fairly uneventful as far as taking out a toilet can be. It wasn't even that dirty. You'd think a twenty something year old toilet would be sorta nasty underneath, but the grossest part was the little bit of wax left in the drain. It didn't even smell.

So now, while my brother is gone at work today I'm going to remove the base boards and the old linoleum and put down the pretty tiles that I got yesterday. Hopefully we'll be able to put in the new toilet when he gets home.

(It's pretty heavy, so I'm not going to try to lift it! )


The Mavys said...

I love the picture, and I wish I had a brother like that! We've had an under construction bathroom (hole) in the back side of our house for going on 7 years. Maybe if I was as willing to get in and get it done as you are, it would be an actual bathroom ;)

Celeste said...

Trust's desperation! LOL

When I can actually get to sleep it's so annoying waking up to the dripping or running water!

Susan said...

Glad that you at least have some help with it. Don't you hate when the guys get so busy that everyday stuff has to wait for so long?