Wednesday, October 21, 2009


All I can say is....I am soooooo ready.

Every time I stand up I have a contraction. Which happens to be a lot since it seems like every 3 minutes one of the kids is yelling "MOM! I need you!!!!!"

Today the contractions have been on and off every couple of hours, only a few minutes apart during that hour or so. I'm more tired than anything. If I lay still long enough they stop. (I know...keep my feet up, drink lots of water, relax, stay down....) Last night they were every 7 minutes and would last about 30-40 seconds. My body is seriously reaaaaaaaaady. I figure give it until next week, when I'll be 36 weeks and then if he comes.....ok. Still a little early this week. So I'm trying to relax. Trying, being the key word.

I have an appointment on Monday. At my last appointment I was dilated to about 1 and 30% effaced. I'm pretty sure things have progressed a little. Maybe TMI, but I feel like the little one is stabbing my cervix. The contractions almost make me want to push and are extremely painful down there. I'm sure whatever doctor I see this time will check to see where things have progressed to. As long as my water doesn't break, and the contractions stop things should be fine. He's moving around significantly well for how little room is in there.

In the mean time...nothing is going on. Kevin got off work early today and decided to make a make our bunny a new hutch. (Still sorta scratching my head about that one...but ok!) I finished sewing 3 more diapers today. Anthony is doing well in school. Annie is just Annie. My brother has been working a lot and has made some friends. I'm glad about that, he needed someone outside our crazy walls:) Poor guy gets smothered by the kids sometimes. You literally have to peel them off of him. I keep telling him, "Just smack em! They'll let go!" Haha. They adore him, really.

Back to laying down. My laptop is getting serviced so that's part of why I've been so quiet. And just not much to share anyway. Hope everyone is well. I'll post again soon....

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The Mavys said...

Woohoo! I can tell you've reached that point where you feel like you're going to be pregnant until you die. That means he's just around the corner in my experience. Happy birthing!