Saturday, October 03, 2009

Busy bee!

There are so many things on my mind. I've got too many ideas and too many projects that I want to get started and get finished. I feel like I walk in circles and get nothing done:) Which is partly true. At least I manage to get meals made and children dressed and taken care of.

I still have to

Finish off the wipes I made
Add/make a few more diapers to the stash so we don't run out
Make a wet bag for when we're out
Make a few crib sheets
Make some leggies to wear with the cloth dipes
Finish off the hooded towel
Fix the bottom drawer of babies dresser
Replace the toilet in our bathroom because it's acting up once again...and I can't plan on Kevin being able to have the time to do it and I'm sick and tired of the stupid handle breaking repeatedly.

And then there are projects for my shop I want to do...
Burlap bags
A couple pillows that need finishing
Two other embroidery projects
Finish up a couple more artist pencil rolls

But all I really want to do is sit around and watch the kids do more of this....

....'cause they are entertained and I don't have to do anything:)

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Anonymous said...

I never did catch up, and that "list" can't be found...