Thursday, August 20, 2009

On how large appliances can eat you up.

First they tease you with one little thing...Like the ice maker won't work.

Then, they annoy you by defrosting the entire freezer, sending Popsicle juice flowing freely across your floor. But you can't get too upset because the meat is still semi-frozen, and the milk is still cold. No matter how much you think turning it off and then on again will fix it, you're just fooling yourself. The milk was only cold because it was next to the meat that was previously in the freezer.

Darn it. The whole thing just pooped out. Thankfully we have a deep freezer in the laundry room. I decided it was a good time to turn it on so we didn't lose everything.

I met Kevin at Sears when he got off work and we started our search. We soon discovered that (thankfully) our choices were limited because as much as you might need a refrigerator, they aren't necessarily going to have one for you to take home. They order them for you, and you have to wait. In the mean time, what do you do with all the warming food? Good question. I didn't think that far ahead. This is one of those times when the home warranty doesn't cover what you need. Darn it, again. It's that darn fine print that gets you every time. Anyway...after an hour or so of going over things at Sears, we then moved down the list. BestBuy, Home Depot, Lowes. It seemed the only thing that was available was smaller, black, or waaaaaaaay too expensive. So we went back to the beginning. Good ol' Sears. "What's on clearance that we can take home today?" The choices were great. A brand new french door, freezer on the bottom, floor model. Or an open box/returned, french door, freezer on the bottom that they weren't sure of the return reason.

We went with the brand new, clearance, plus 5% off floor model. At this point, I was tired and achy, and didn't care what color it was. I wanted to go home.
So, at 11pm we finally had a new fridge hooked up. It's stainless steal. Which is neat. No one tells you that all your finger prints will show on it though. Oh well.


The Mavys said...

Don't worry about the fingerprints. It's called kid chic, and it's all the rage with young families :) Glad you didn't have to wait weeks!

Anonymous said...

I was always using the stainless polish on the appliances at the hotel. But you only need to do that when there's an inspection.
Do you get many of those?