Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Melted ice cream anyone?

I got up this morning and went to get a glass of cold water from the fridge and got more than I expected. I gush of cold water out of the ice maker. What the heck???

The freezer defrosted. Everything melted. For some reason, I wasn't surprised. Just annoyed. I got my feet all wet! And I wasn't even awake yet!

We'd already been looking around at fridges for a while. But we just didn't see a good enough reason to go and spend that money yet. Of course now that we've spent a bunch of money on other things the need is there. That's the way the ice melts though, isn't it? Kevin will enjoy shopping. He's a shopper.

In other kitchen adventures, I just read yesterday about how you can tile over laminate counter tops. It sounds really cool. And I would do it in a heart beat. But that would be one more project on the house started...that I probably wouldn't be able to finish on my own. I've been very annoyed by the fact that our kitchen has no backsplash at all. It makes for lots of greasy messes to clean up behind the stove, and at the sink. I really don't want to ruin the walls, so something needs to be done about it. I was even thinking about doing what some commercial kitchen designers do which is attach sheets of stainless steel to the wall as a backsplash. I think it would be cool, but it wouldn't match anything. It would solve the problem of ruining the wall though, and would be faster and easier to do than trying to tile the entire kitchen. It's a big kitchen after all. I'm still mulling it all over. I know Kevin really wants tile on the counter tops so we might have to plan it out and do a little at a time.

Anyway....Back to the fridge. I hope we can find one that will fit right! Wish us luck.

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