Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Lady Covers Up.

I sewed some more bloomers for my little lady. She's sort of a hammy model.
They look really cute under her dresses. The bottoms peek out every so often. And they do the job of keeping her covered...Like when we were at church this morning and she was doing gymnastics on the pew. I guess being lady-like takes lots of practice.


Anonymous said...

She is sooooo pretty!

The Mavys said...

Adorable! I should make some of those for Libi. It's a little embarassing when she pulls up her dress and we can all see that she put on her big sister's panties, and they're not staying up very well :)

~Celeste~ said...


I'm trying to put together the pattern so I can let people download it! Basically I just took a pair of her paints and made a pattern that went to her knees, and used elastic to gather near the hemmed legs. Pretty easy! Only takes like 30 minutes or so to put them together.