Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm just real real tired lately.

It's like pulling teeth to try to get the kids to go outside, so they are constantly "MOOOOOM!" all day long to get me to come see what game they are playing, or what show they are watching, drawing, playing with, scratching, sniffing. I feel like I'm walking lanes in the carpet to go find them. Yesterday I gave up and told them if they wanted me they had to come find me. I was parked on the couch and not moving. Kevin was home late in the day because they are doing night training so when he offered to get Annie a Popsicle she threw a fit. "NO! I want MOM to do it!" Lil booger went into hysterics because I wouldn't get up to get her a popsicle. Or rather because I wouldn't get up. I'm tired! Specifically of having to get up everytime I sit down to get them something they are capable of doing themselves! Something they've done a million times, but are too lazy to do. I'm fat and sore! Give me a break!

*sniffle* K. I feel better now.

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Anonymous said...

that little booger needs to have the boogers slapped of her behind!
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