Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I woke up late this morning! And feeling rested! It's amazing what happens when you have a bed to yourself--you sleep!

Just to make sure that Annie wasn't asleep on the floor outside our door I quietly opened the door. Nope. No sleeping child on the floor. She's in her bed. Amazing! Lately she won't go to sleep in her bed. She has to snuggle in our bed. Problem is she does gymnastics in her sleep. I think every child does. But she has this way of finding my gut with her heels. Not so nice! Anyway, I'm so thankful for a full nights rest. (Minus Kevin coming home at 2am.)

So lately I've been keeping really busy trying to get my shop off the ground, which requires lots and lots and LOTS of work drawing, and sewing, and coming up with new ideas. I can't seem to work fast enough, or get enough done in the day. Yesterday I finished three things, and started one more, but it wasn't enough to satisfy my "hurry UP" attitude. I didn't even know that feeling was hiding in there until it got to be 11pm and I was sitting in bed drawing. Being too hard on myself is something I excel at. The conclusion I came to is that I need to work in batches, for one. Do multiples of something to add bulk and variety. The second thing I need to do is GIVE. MYSELF. A BREAK. Nothing happens overnight. (Sometimes.)

Wanting this thing to succeed is eating at me a lot, so I have a hard time giving myself time to relax. It's affecting my feet. This baby is so quiet that I forget I'm pregnant sometimes and stand on my feet doing things for hours at a time. Then I realize my feet hurt because they are swollen like marshmallows and need to have a break.

I've been neglecting my garden, which is now over-taken by the watermelon plant. We know now to plant watermelon in it's own space. Lots of weeds are sprouting up with all the rain that we've had the last couple of weeks as well. It really needs some TLC. Last week I began digging for another planter box while the soil was still soft from the rains last week. Hopefully we can get another box built soon and fill it in, get it ready for next season. My brother and I were thinking that if we do one box a month for the next couple of months then there will be some good planting spaces for next year. I'd love to have one that is completely dedicated to flowers. That would be pretty.

At any rate, today I'm going to try to get some things done around the house that I've been neglecting. I also just came across this...

A painted headboard! And a tutorial at Sew Bettie for it. Maybe I'll give it a go:)

Have a great day!

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