Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've been busy...

I'm trying to finish one thing a day. It's sort of driving me nuts, but it's satisfying also.

I'm still exhausted though. My baby bump is getting bigger. He's moving around a lot more. I have horrible indigestion. My sciatic is killing me. It's really hot outside. I could go on and on. But it's too tiring! :)

Anthony claimed to be sick yesterday, but I think he was just tired from having stayed up too late and getting up at a normal hour. He slept from about 5pm to 3am and then got upset that he missed dinner. *pfft* Like he eats dinner anyway...The kid eats like a bird. Whatever. He's fine today, so he's going back to day camp tomorrow morning.

Annie stuck gum in her hair while I was at the store...which Kevin cut out. Painful. Painful just to think about. No more gum.

Kevin is still working on the range, so I have to get to bed now so I'm not a grouch-a-rama at 4am when I have to get up to take him. Goodnight!


Susan said...

NOOOO! Why'd he cut it out? Man, now I wanna cry.

~Celeste~ said...

I honestly don't know. I wanted to cry too. My thought is that he was in the middle of playing rock band...At least it's undernieth so you can't really tell. No more ponytails for quite a while though. So sad.

Susan said...

Men, they just don't get it.