Sunday, August 02, 2009

Happy Sunday.

All is well with the world. Or at least ok at any rate!

This past week I took the family car in for a inspection of sorts to see what all it needs. The air conditioner decided to poop out on me. At the time I didn't really know what it was, all I knew is that I heard a horrible sound and what sounded like parts flying out the rear side of the car. Kinda scary! I shut it off just to be safe because I didn't know what else it could be. Apparently it exploded the front of the air conditioner off into the engine, missing everything vital THANK GOD. So along with the air conditioner needing to be fixed, there are two other essential items that it needs to keep going. Fortunately we were able to sell of the washer and dryer that were here in the house when we moved in. That will help a little. The rest...well, isn't that what someone created credit cards for? It's stressful, but I've decided not to kill myself with worry over it. God will provide, right!? Right!

We're now going into week 24 of this pregnancy, and I'm tired. I tend to forget I'm pregnant. I don't know why, because I keep finding it harder and harder to lean over the sink or reach my toes. This little guy is very calm and quiet compared to the other kids. Not a whole lot of kicking and squirming going on, so most of the day I almost forget he's there. Until I overdue it with standing too much, or forget to take a potty break. Tuesday I go in for a checkup. My feeling is that my blood pressure might be up a bit because I keep getting these horrible head aches, a side affect apparently. I had a lot of headaches with my first pregnancy too. I'm trying to remind myself to take time to just sit still, but it's like I've got this itch after about 5 minutes of sitting there to get up and do something.

With the other pregnancies I had a belly band for support. But I got rid of all that pregnancy stuff so I've been doing without. But, (Hi Mom! Pay attention here! :) I made a point of spending some extra time at the fabric store the other day to investigate elastic and all other sorts of things to see what I could come up with in the ways of making my own belly support. I got the supplies and made one up just this morning. So for about $3 I made what I could have spent $40 on by ordering something online. I wrote up a tutorial for it, too, in case anyone is interested in ever making your own. Just send me an email and I'll send it to you. Or go here to download it.

This week I have to go and sign Anthony up for school. I was hoping to put him in the Catholic school but I think that might have to wait until next year. It's pretty late already, and with the car needing work...that is sort of sucking up the $$ that I was hoping to use for him. That's ok though. I think that with everything else going on, the baby coming and Kevin set to deploy sometime again in January, it makes more sense for him to be going to school right down the street rather than across town.

Off to another week! Hope everyone has had a good weekend.


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Tell Kevin he needs to get deployed out here so we can put the guys to work on your car! We'll just keep sending you prayers.