Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh my!

A kick! I was just sitting here and felt a distinct little kick. I'm not kidding. Really. I know it's early, but all the kids...I felt them early. Wow. NeatO!

K, so that aside things are pretty boring around here. I took some of my old pants and cut out the zipper and sewed in a panel to match. Now I feel fat! Haha. The expanding waistline has an appointment on Friday. Sort of not really wanting to go. I feel safe in my little world of ignorance. How horrible is that. It'll be ok though. I think I've been having anxiety attacks. My throat gets all tight, I get really hot, and I feel like a train is sitting on my chest. It hurts. I'll have to bring it up when I go in. I'm a little stressed I guess. Worried. Hmm.

I've been trying to get some more things put up around the house. The front room is finally coming together. I put the dining room table in there, which I thought would look weird. But it's actually ok. I was really wanting to paint in there...but...I just can't do it. I'm still feeling like I have to go right back to bed as soon as I finish showering. It's exhausting. Everything is exhausting. It's alright though because it's ours and we're not leaving for a while. I put the book shelves in there too. Next I think I'll put up pictures. And when someone manly is around I'll have them hang a mirror for me *big cheesy smile* because it weighs like 50 lbs and I can't lift it! I'm happy it's starting to look like home. (Nevermind that I tore down a panel of wallpaper in our room and then gave up...or that the front porch is covered in boxes and packing material, or that the bathroom walls are full of holes where I took down ugly gold colored towel bars and other such stuff. Who cares!)

My nap time.

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Anonymous said...

Ben will be there before you know it.
: )