Friday, May 22, 2009

The little french fry. And other potato adventures.

Came from the doctor just now. The little french fry has a heart beat. And lots of energy. It was bouncing around making it hard to hear it's heart beat. It was a beautiful thing. I cried. (Again. I think I must have leaky tear duct syndrome or something.) In two weeks I go for an ultrasound. One nice perk of going to a doctor out in town is they let you have more than one ultrasound. Typically Tricare only likes to pay for ultrasounds if there is some medical necessity for them. Like if there is something wrong. It's lame, but true.

I keep having this little bible blurb (like that?) pop into my head....Faith is things hoped for. Don't know why it keeps popping into my head, but it does. I'm waiting for the revelation to hit me.

This blog entry is full of randomness.

Have you ever watched Tori and Dean Inn Love? I know, I rolled my eyes as I watched the silly introduction the other day. They are a goofy pair of people. It's highly entertaining though. For some funny reason it just makes me laugh my butt off watching this rich and famous person living in a trailor, with a huge preggo belly, painting the outside of a mansion. Just funny.

I attempted to sew a cloth diaper the other day. I love how the house is a wreck, but I have to go and find an unoccupied corner of table to sew a diaper and make a bigger mess. I love it! And then I couldn't finish it because I got to the point where I needed elastic and realized I didn't have any. I could have run to the store, but that sounded like too much work having to shower and drive. Eh *shrug* It's still sitting where I left it, in the sewing machine. I did turn it off though. Mustn't waste electricity. Diapers are a good way to use up old towels, I found out. No one wants to buy someones used towels, and I feel bad just throwing them out. One more item re purposed. In case you didn't pick up on it...I'm wanting to do the whole cloth diapering thing this time around. I can save money sewing my own. It's supposed to pay for itself in only a couple uses too. I found bumGenius diapers online...but honestly I can't see putting out like $200 to stock up enough. At least not all together.

Maybe one at a time...
Question! Would it be tacky for me to do a baby registry given this is not baby #1 or 2? I want your opinion.


Susan said...

Not tacky! You have no stuff for baby, and I really don't see you asking for something that's $500. If people don't like it, well, they don't have to get you anything. I say go ahead. Besides, your family will find it a lot easier if they know what you want.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Celeste, it will be sooooo much easier knowing what you want!