Sunday, May 24, 2009

A little work going on.

This is the "extra" room towards the front of the house (before we bought it). The lighting is hideous, so you can't really see that the color of the wall is hideous puke-ish pink. I think they were playing off the ugly border that was along the top. Whatever. It was ugly. Very eighties, as with most of the decor. The curtains you see, they ended up leaving them. All of them. In every room in the house. They came down the day after we got here.

Anyway. Yesterday we spent a couple hours in Lowes going through paint and stuff and decided on Churchill Ecru for the wall color. It actually looks really nice. It's the shinier paint on the left below, though it doesn't shine after it dries.

They painted directly on the drywall, without putting any texture or primer. Just like in the master bedroom, (shown below before we moved in), with the wallpaper. So when I tried to remove the wallpaper, the paper from the drywall came off as well. It's a nightmare.
We bought some wallpaper remover to try out on it. If that doesn't work...Well, lets just say it'll be a whole lot of not-so-fun work.

One thing at a time. Hoping to have that front room completely painted by tomorrow afternoon.

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