Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't blink!

Sometimes I feel like if I blink I might miss out on something important!

Kevin was home for a few days, and now he's leaving again! Didn't we just do that? He's leaving tomorrow for New Mexico for 3 weeks. Sometimes I wish we could just pause on all the things that need to be done, forget about meals, and laundry and bills and sit for a little while and just stare off into the sunset. time for that! His flight got postponed a day, so that was a nice surprise. He'll be able to see his mom who is flying in late tonight. Then early tomorrow morning I have to drive him in to work.

My brother arrived on Monday to be my helper/mister mom for a while. Not sure how long the "while" will be, but he seems content to hang out and put up with the kids climbing all over him indefinitely. He's been a great help with getting some things done around the house that I've not been able to do alone. My brain has been seriously lacking something lately. I forget so easily simple things, so he's been good for reminding me what I was doing.

I'm starting to feel crumby again. Not that I've been feeling great. But I ran out of my nausea medication over the weekend which sort of messed up the whole cycle of not vomiting. I've been taking it, but it doesn't seem to be working. So don't look at me funny, I might get sick! I keep trying to convince myself that if I just ignore it I will be fine. For some reason that isn't really working out so well...

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Susan said...

when I went through that kind of morning sickness, I found that half of a chicken or turkey sandwich with cheese did wonders. Add a few grapes and you have a nice snack. I had that between between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, and in the evening. It really helped. On top of not eating a big meal. Just a whole bunch of little meals. Because of the throwing up, my blood sugar was all kinds of low. Good luck, hon.