Monday, June 01, 2009

This and that.

With Kevin's mom Gwen being here, and my brother Ben being here, we've gotten a few things done in the last few days!

She helped me peel a bunch of paper...
And then Ben got started on pulling weeds in the garden...And then everyone else joined in. It's actually not been as hard as we thought it would be. The kids found all sorts of bugs, and got dirty and threw dirt at each other. I love being outside. Ben and I decided that if we pull all the weeds and then break the bed up into smaller plots with paths in between then we don't have to try to rebuild the rotting frame that's there. We can start new, and use up the rocks from the "rock gardens" for drainage in the bottom of smaller boxes. It's perfect.

Then we decided we needed something bigger than a kiddie pool. So we went and got this setup yesterday...
And swam today.

The pool is actually great. What with laying around in bed all the time I've been feeling pretty lousy and have been craving some exercise. But with the baby growing now pretty fast, it's sitting right on my sciatic which is making walking (and everything else) pretty miserable. But the swimming is pretty low impact, and I wasn't really hurting at all while I walked in circles. Yay for water.

The girls got all dolled up and painted fingers and toes this morning. Gwen leaves this evening. The time has flown. It was a good visit.

And everyone has been lots of much needed and appreciated help.

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Anonymous said...

If I didn't know better I'd have said it was you at that age!