Monday, March 23, 2009

North Carolina at last!

We made it! We're hanging in a hotel getting some things arranged. (Here's a hint: it involves a mortgage.)

Here are some pictures from the last half of our trip. Nothing too exciting to look at, but here ya go:)
Ok, so blogger is being retarded and only letting me do these two pictures. Whatever. I'll do more later. The guys were in heaven in the Bass Outdoors Store. We stopped in there when we were in TX. They had some crazy wild-life in there! And walls and walls of guns and bows/arrows. It was awesome. We got Anthony a slingshot. Bad, bad, bad. I think I might have to get my own.
I'm so sick of driving and eating out. I can't wait to have a kitchen to work in. And different clothes. And a place where the kids can run around. Ah well. It's almost over, and then I'll look back and say...."Gosh, I hope I never ever have to move that way again!" LOL

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Deena said...

Congratulations on your arrival! Glad you finally made it. Fingers crossed that you find the perfect home. I BET you do!