Saturday, March 28, 2009

More from the open road...and other adventures

In no particular order...


We saw lots of wilderness on our travels. Some thoughts crossed my mind about that. For one, some places you had to wonder when you drove for hours and hours and saw nothing and then saw a random small town in the middle of nowhere. What made them choose that spot? There's nothing there! The other thought was about the over population problem we have...When there is so much open space, how can there be an over population problem? Maybe the problem is with people not wanting to share the things they have to help the world be a better place? I don't know, just a thought.

A week ago tomorrow we arrived in North Carolina, and what I didn't share before was that the following day we found and signed for a house. We're all really excited about it. What we're not excited about is spending the next month in this hotel. We're waiting on the bank to get the appraisal done, and the septic and house inspections to be done. The last two things will happen this next week. Then we're just waiting on the bank to get it's act together and get the appraisal done.

We're really looking forward to being able to settle down somewhere. The house is on 8/10 of an acre. It's really huge! Compared to what we're used to!

The kids are tired of being stuck indoors. It doesn't help that it's been raining. We went to the Aquarium yesterday, which was really fun for the kids. They got to run around a bit. The day before yesterday we went and saw the USS North Carolina, where they got to run around inside the ship. We got lost. I started to panic when we couldn't find our way out, especially when we kept running into dead ends. Yeah, I can't say I'd want to work or live on a ship. Claustrophobic I guess. And creepy.

Since we've been gone I've been homeschooling Anthony and he's doing fantastic. He's done more in the last week than he would have done in two or three weeks at school. It's amazing. And he's been self starting. He'll grab his journal and start writing about his adventures. He picks up his phonics books and starts reading on his own. I'm really proud of him. The only thing he really abhors doing is handwriting. And his handwriting is really bad, but I figure if he's journaling then he's getting some practice in handwriting as well. I can point out ways for him to improve as he writes.

Kevin still needs some convincing on how well he's doing, but I think that will come with time:) I'm still trying to understand his anti-homeschooling feelings...I mean, he did marry a homeschool graduate after all. I think I turned out alright. We'll convince him yet!:)

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