Friday, March 20, 2009


I always loved being able to spell Mississippi backwards. Like it's some sort of big accomplishment. Go me.

We rushed into Jackson, MS last night. My brain is still on California time. I haven't gotten used to the time changes yet. Still. Did I mention in my last post about driving across a state border and reading a huge sign that mentioned that we were crossing into the Central Time Zone? It was sort of funny. I keep imagining some big red line across the ground and when you jump back and forth over it, the time changes. Silly.

So anyway, we came in last night around 7pm. Anthony and I were pretty thrilled to cross over the Mississippi River. It's HUGE. And those big boats you see in movies that go up and down it...they are HUGE too. Pretty neat. There lots of museums and things around. I wish we could stop, but I'm getting to that point in the trip where if everyone doesn't move faster and let us get there I might start pitching stale french fries at them. Yesterday Anthony rode with me in the car from about the half way point in yesterdays drive. The kids were glad to see each other. For a little while. Then they started arguing, which was pretty annoying since Anthony was in the front with me and not even near Annie in the back. And then there was the every-15-minutes pee break. If one didn't need to go the other did. It seemed like all we did was stop constantly to go potty. I finally got fed up, about 20 minutes from our final destination and told them that if they had to pee they'd either have to hold it, or wet themselves. I JUST WANTED TO GET THERE.

Today we're going to drive to Atlanta, Georgia. I think the hotel Kevin reserved is in Augusta. I just type in the place of destination that Kevin picks in the GPS and put the car on cruise control and watch the scenery pass by. It's pretty boring. I wouldn't recommend it. At least we're getting to where we need to go. We're still working on finding a home. For now we're like those people who live in Winnebago's. Our address if the open road. (Hopefully that will change shortly after we arrive in North Carolina!)

Back to the car! Take care!

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Susan said...

Dang, going from one coast to the other. That's quite the drive with a couple of kids. Stay safe!