Sunday, January 11, 2009

A project in the workings....

About the size of a rosary sized crucifix....this little one is going to hang sweetly on a chain. Still needs some refining. Final product to be accomplished soon. I'll be putting these items on etsy, once I finally get them done, and update my etsy account. Keep checking back:)

P.S. Please don't steal my photos. It's really not very nice! Just refer back/link back to me!


Peter said...

the picasa photo engine that google uses has a thing in the options that lets you block people from doing that

Susan said...

That's really neat. What's that made of?

Have you tried ArtFire? It's free, unlike etsy, but it works the same.

Celeste said...

This one is made out of polymer clay. I'm looking for an alternative to that because the clay hates being painted.

I'll have to check out ArtFire. I've not heard of it before.


Susan said...

That's very cool.

I know you have the same issue with funds that I have. Artfire lets you list for free, and there is no fee when you sell. It's very user friendly, too.