Friday, January 09, 2009


It seems that potty training is being achieved!

Annie's 3rd birthday is only a couple of weeks away and I was afraid that she would continue being stubborn and avoid potty training for a while longer. Our luck has turned.

With Anthony, it just sort of happened. Things progressed, and he just sort of trained himself. Annie seemed stuck in this place of wanting to remain a baby. So after discussing it with my neighbor, (whose son also potty trained himself), we came up with a solution: bribery! I know. It's bad! And with Anneliese it doesn't usually work. She's a stubborn one that child. But there is no avoiding the fact that she loves all things Princess. So...back into the drawer go the training pants and pullups (waste of money, don't bother!), and out come the big girl Princess Panties. She only gets to wear them if she goes in the potty. And if she wets them, I take them all away and she has to wear a diaper. For some reason it's working. I won't question it, but it does seem odd since we tried it with the training pants. Maybe it's just the fact that the fabric is thinner, hence a bigger wetter mess. Anyway, who cares! It's working.

She's even conversing with herself about only going pee and poo in the potty. And then she comes a tells me she needs to go! Yay!

So...Thank you, Disney, for creating Princess Panties!

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