Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The neighborhood and first field trip.

It's been unfortunate that in the recent past we have had many problems with trouble relating to other kids in the neighborhood. Just recently Anthony's best friend claimed that a 9 year old boy in our neighborhood did some incredibly inappropriate behavior towards him. We have been keeping close tabs on all the kids since. As in, I go out there with them to watch them while they play. It's enough to make you sick. Mentioning it to another mom at school we found out that a little girl was nabbed off one of the playgrounds across the street, sexually assaulted, had it video taped and put on the internet. And then the man put her right back out on the play ground. Honestly, there are no words!

Apperantly these things have been happening a lot lately. Which is quite unsettling!

I'm feeling very protective. To say the least. Which makes it natural, I think, for me to be nervous about sending Anthony with a complete stranger to Sea World for a whole day. Parents are supposed to be volunteering to take groups of kids once they get to the park. There is no plan, just to let them take the kids wherever they want to go. I'm not ok with that. Especially being that I don't know who would be watching my child. Kevin told his command he'll be taking the day off. So I'm thinking we'll just keep the kids out of school that day and go on our own. Anthony's best friends mom and I decided that we'll just make a family day of it and go help each other with kids. She really wanted to go anyway, but they told us that we can't bring along siblings, and she has a one month old and an 18 month old as well! To heck with that! Someone else is not going to tell me what to do with my kids.(Or her hers!) What are they going to do? Kick us out of Sea World?

And this way we get in for free, where as they would have to pay to go with the class. (Which makes no sense since they are all military and should get in for free.)

Honestly...what is the world coming to anyway?...Makes ya wonder.

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Susan said...

Another reason we're gonna homeschool. It's sad what society has become. Very scary.