Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just because....

I'm sick, and tired, and really don't feel like doing much. But I hate just sitting around. So I'll sit around and make a list of things to do.

But it's a fun list! Things to do, just because!

- Put on a dress. (Or a nice button down shirt, if you happen to be a guy!)
- Spray on a little perfume before the hubby gets home.
- Bake a pie. Something different, like coconut cream.
- Roast marshmallows on the BBQ.
- Get out old pictures and look at them with the kids. They love doing that, by the way.
- Get down on the floor with the kids and color in a coloring book.
- Plant a tree. (I'm not allowed to here on base, but if I had my own yard I would.)
- Rearrange your books by color.
- Have breakfast for dinner two days in a row.
- Go stick your toes in the ocean.
- Get out your camera and take goofy pictures.
- Go to the library and listen to a story being told. (I started reading A Series of Unfortunate Events to the kids. Their expressions as I read were so funny.)
- Light a bunch of candles in your room before you go to bed.
- Write a letter to a friend and send it. SNAIL MAIL.
- Have the kids draw pictures and then go get them framed.
- Make a bucket list. And start to do those things.
- Have a tea party. With silly hats and everything.
- Go get a pedicure.
- Do something nice for someone anonymously. Leave a note saying "Your turn to do something nice for someone!"
- Smile at everyone you see looking at you in the grocery store.
- Send love letters to your spouse at work.
- Make cookies and take them to a homeless shelter.
- Make green eggs and ham.
- Put food coloring in the toilet bowl and watch someone freak out!
- Go to the pet store and name all the animals.
- Bake brownies. There are these brownies called No Pudge. They are so yummy. Fat free, and you can make individual servings. How awesome is that?!

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