Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New gadgets. And feeling icky. And randomness

Kevin decided to go and get us each a new phone. Our phones that we've had for the last two years have ceased to hold a charge for very long.

This is the one he got us


I keep looking at it and I feel like I'm stuck in the middle ages, while everything around me is advancing. I can't keep up with what is out there. It is so bizarre to be touching a screen like there are buttons on it, when there is nothing there but pictures. It's pretty neat, though, that you can turn it sideways and it is a camera, and a video camera, and it can be a tv, and a music player. Not that I'll ever use those things, but it's neat.

Yesterday I went in for a physical. I hate being poked at. They gave me my flu shot and now my arm feels like it's going to fall off. And it's all itchy and achy and rashy (I know that's not a word) looking. I was a little leery to get it, but I decided that it would be better than possibly getting as sick as I did last year. Tomorrow I get to go for an ultra sound of my liver and kidneys because my bilirubin is a bit high on my last blood work. Good news though is that my cholesterol is down, and my thyroid is evened out.


Over the last month or so Kevin and I have discussed at length my going back to school. Or at least doing distance learning. I'd like to get my Associates, but for now I decided to do a course in writing. I've always loved to write, so I figured why not do something I like to start. The first few lesson courses came last week and I've already done my first exam (and got %100) which I was dreading, but studied hard for. I've always hated testing because I could never really retain information. I hated school. I hated studying. But with time and age, I've come to enjoy it more. It's a good thing that we're never too old to go back to school.


Cami* said...

Hey sis, hope you're feeling better.
Good news on the physical!

i understand about the schooling issues. i am getting ready to audition for CalArts http://calarts.com/
School of Music. To train more technically and expand my performance opportuninties. Also, i love music and need to have an active outlet for it.
The kiddos music is fun, but different.

Best wishes with all yuor little adventures!
xoxoxo, cami*

meredith bowen said...

good luck! I am finishing my 1st set of classes. I can honestly say I've never felt so run down, working full time, school full time, and a being mommy. Luckily the kids are in school when I'm at work and they just jump all over me and sing and play around me when I'm studying.
luv, mere

p.s. You'll have to send me some more recipes sometime:)!