Friday, November 07, 2008


Ever since Anthony started school there have been some very interesting conversations that take place.

Yesterday evening at dinner he asked me if Obama was a bad President. I tried to find out why he was asking that to see if he was being fed some agenda at school, or if he happened to hear the news, or if someone had said something to him. Another 5 year old that he plays with sometimes told him that Obama was a bad president.

Where the heck is my instruction manual when I need it! Here's where those prayers of desperation come in.

How much do I share? How much does my almost 6 year old need to know? The truth is a given.
Personally Obama was not my first choice for president. Morally I just couldn't bring myself to do it. But how far do I go into it all?

He's only 5 and wants to know why. It never crossed my mind that I would be teaching my kids so young about laws, and rights, and abortion, and other things that are supposed to be "grown up" things. With each thing that I touched on, (no specifics, just genralizations), he wanted to know more. Why do they do that? Why would a mommy kill a baby? Why does he think it's ok? I do believe that this grown up world looks very scary and complicated to young eyes. To his eyes, there should be a simple answer to everything. I agree, but it's not that way.

As a conclusion, I explained that despite peoples choices, good or bad, we still need to pray for them. Especially the president... that he will find truth and try to lead our country in the right way.

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