Monday, November 17, 2008


This smiling face turned to sadness, tears, and very pathetic cries of "I neeeeeed to go hooooooome!" I felt her pain. And so did everyone else too. Poor girl is feeling very sad and picked on. I don't recall getting any immunizations. I do recall having the chicken pocks for which there was no immunization at that time. I wonder if anyone even gets it anymore. Anyone know?

She had a check up, first, with the doctor who's tool fell right in her eye. That started the tears going and it just kept going from there. She's a tough cookie though. I'm sure she'll feel better by next week when we go back for more. She doesn't know about that yet. *sigh*


Meredith Bowen said...

aww poor baby! She is sooo adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to know she won't remember either. And you were very brave for Dr. Wissa, but he had you wrapped round his finger.
And yes chickenpox is still around and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

did he apologise profusely

Celeste said...

the doctor? no, no apologies...they actually took us to another room (the size of a closet) specifically for immunizations, where there were like 6 other nurses and bored looking naval people...and they all stood around talking about horrible it was going to be for her to get 5 shots at once. and then they tried not to laugh at her pathetic crying. she didn't just cry. oh no. it was pathetic "you've tortured me can't you see i'm in pain how could you do this to me" crying. and she keeps telling me that the grammy at the doctor hurt her. poor girl.