Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thought I'd stop in to say "hello"

I've been busy, here and there, with things. Not much of anything interesting to share.

Anthony is trying again this weekend to have a sleep over at our neighbors house. The first time he tried, he ended up back home about 9.30ish in tears, saying that he couldn't sleep alone. I'm thinking that meant without mom and dad and sister. We'll see how it goes tonight. I admit I'm a little anxious too. *sniffles* My little guy is growing up so fast. His 6th birthday is next week. How the time has flown.

We'll be traveling up to NorCal to visit with my family, and stop in at some old friends houses to say hello. I must admit, I miss everyone up there. And I miss the atmosphere, the beauty. The weather is great here. But I miss the beauty of the hills and trees and such of Northern California. It'll be nice for a few days to go back.

Anywho...hope everyone is well. Have a good Thanksgiving week.

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