Monday, October 20, 2008

Say "Cheesey"!


They finally got smart with pictures....Back when I was in school you got two chances for a good picture. If you didn't get one, it was too bad.
Nothing too spectacular is going on around here. Just the daily grind, and sick husband, and the everyday doings.

Yesterday I made a bonnet for one of Anneliese's dolls. I'm working on the pattern a little. It needs some tweaking, and then I want to make one for Annie. I'll share the pattern if I can figure out how large to tell you to enlarge it. It's pretty easy to sew.
Hope everyone is well!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I'll take #1 and #4! :)

Meredith Bowen said...

He's so cute! Cheyenne's school didn't do anything like that! They do put names and the year on them. Cheyenne turned 8 this past saturday! Time flies by way too fast!

Cami* said...

OH i'll say it again, "HE's So Cute"
So Sweet.
i'll have to get Tierney into a Studio and have her's taken. She's homeschooling, so that's one thing we won't have as an official perk.
LOVe to You, and Prayers for Kevin's Quick recovery.