Wednesday, October 15, 2008


That's the number of this post! Wowie. That's a lot of sharing.
Anywho! I wanted to share my project for today.

Anneliese is running out/growing out of her clothes. It happens!

I figured a good way to use up some of my fabric and produce something that can actually be used would be to make her some clothes. So far so good. I made her a pair of pants a few days ago. And then today I made her this little outfit. By no means perfect, but the more I make the better they will get. (We can hope anyway!)

I really really like that little bib thingy. I might have to make myself a version here in a bit.
Sorry for the weird pictures. I had to take them with my 50-200 lens. (So I was standing across the room! Hope I can get the other lens fixed soon!) I sort of made up the pattern as I went. I used an older pair of her pants and made them larger, and I used one of her night gowns as a base for the little t-shirt. Added sleeves and the other embellishments. Ta-da!!-- Some clothes.

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Cami* said...

Oh Sis, Awesome!
i have a Brand new, push button machine! LOL last Christmas Gift, to myself... i need to use it. my Mom used it to repair Ted's Jeans, it's a Horse, but compact, so, um... i'd better get with you and get some tips... If not, send Our Favorite Mother to Help me out! i'd also save so much money. Tierney Is Growing and has no one to give hand-me-Downs. Bradan Get's things from Max, Caitlyn From Gabi etc...
LOve YOu