Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adventures in Pumpkins and other fun stuff.

There's nothing like some good ol' fashioned fun!

Kevin is feeling better. He's not quite over his upper respiratory infection yet, but he sounds much better, and the fever has finally broken. He was quite the trooper getting this pumpkin carved for Anthony.

Cool isn't it?
Today or tomorrow I'll get around to carving Anneliese's.
Speaking of her...
I was sooo happy to get this picture snapped. Lately it seems like all Anneliese does is screeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaam at everyone about everything. The toy is hers, the food is hers, the ______(insert just about anything) is hers. And if she doesn't get it...woo hoo watch out and plug your ears! Her and Anthony have been going at it a lot lately. She's even immune to bribery. It's crazy.

This past weekend my brother moved back up to Northern California, so the third room is empty again. The other day when Annie was yelling at Anthony about something he came to me and said "When do I get to have that other room back?" I felt his pain, but the answer was a firm "Not happening" from mamma and daddy. I suppose it's a bit mean, but really...they just need to learn to get along and love each other. Once the pre-teen-ness, and body awareness, and needing privacy issue has set in then we'll visit that subject again. They'll survive a few more years:)


Cami* said...

Caitlyn Is doing this too. i am assuming this is the issue in the three year old span. MINE Mine Mine!!! And the yelling, SCREAMING Never Can be hidden. It's Piercing~>
My Three areall in the Same room. As you said. Till THat time presents it's self, They're going to have to get along. LEARN to live with Each other.

LOVE You xoxo

Celeste said...

I think it's good for the kids to be together. They learn a lot from having to share space. I learned a lot from having to share with my sister, and my brothers at one point. People either learn respect, or learn to tolerate one another. Both are valuable lessons.

Anonymous said...

But you all hated it while you went thru it. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.