Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday. Minus the husband.

Everything seems to be just so hectic lately. I've been trying to keep up with the house, spend time with Annie playing and reading while Anthony is at school, keep Anthony up with his school work (homework in Kindergarten for heaven's sake), spend some "me time" (which consists of shutting a door and staring blankly at a wall trying to remember what it was I wanted to do, before I wander out again and clean or break up a fight), exercise, do bible study (haven't made it more than once every few weeks, but I grab the commentaries so I can read them at home before I fall asleep), finish getting my craft stuff transferred to the garage (ugh), oh yeah and spend some time with my husband.

It seems like I see Kevin for a few minutes, sometimes, before I put the kids to bed (and sometimes fall asleep in their room never making it back to mine). Makes me feel terrible. Kevin complains I'm never there when he rolls over because I'm dealing with wet beds, or sleepy heads that won't stay in their own bed. Or he wakes up to smelly little feet in his face and me hanging off the other side. And then he gets up at the crack of dawn to leave. Ah, parenthood.

Thursday, on a whim, I asked him to go out to dinner with me. Just me. I think he thought there was something wrong. Nope. Just wanted to see my husband for a little bit. Have some grown up conversation. Get to know him again. Make fun of people as they walk by outside. Ya know, all that good stuff.

It's a good thing I did that because yesterday we were busy with stuff and then this morning he got up early to take his motorcycle in for an oil change, and then had to go cover someone's duty. He should be home tomorrow sometime while I'm at Mass and Anthony's CCD class. He has a friend coming over to watch football with him and then he'll go to Mass later in the day. And I'll spend all day begging Anthony to "please stop ______(insert any sort of activity here) and write your letter one more time!" and pleading with Annie not to write on his homework while he's not looking.

I keep trying to make it to the gym. Yeah, that's so funny. I never make it there. I got myself an elliptical machine, a stair stepper, and this morning I got a stationary bike for $25 from a lady who used it twice. Got my own gym now. And the nice thing is that they have wheels on the bottom so I can move them around. You know, rotate one inside, while the others sit in the garage.

The down side though...Kevin keeps pointing out that "you know we're going to have to move this stuff, right?" Wull, yeahhhhh. Why do you think I'm using them? ;)

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