Friday, October 03, 2008

Frazzled. A bit.

I woke up this morning and went downstairs to make some coffee. And I found an ant. And then I found another ant.

"Oh HECK no!"

We all know that when there is one or two, there are more. I finished getting Anthony ready for school and out the door. And then I started my search. We've never had an ant problem before, so one of the kids must have left something somewhere, and with the rain they must have thought it was a good time to visit. I know! Rain! Who woulda thought! It's gone now, but I guess it upset the ants. I think it rains like one day out of the year here...

So off I go searching and I find them coming in the front door. Hey, at least they are polite. (?!) The trail breaks off into two paths though. One leads into the bathroom, (eww!), and the other into the kitchen. I hit the bathroom first, but they are just using it as a biway. The path really goes into the downstairs closet. The one with back packs and shoes. Yup! A closet full of ants! With little bits of granola bar here and there. Yuck. The other path just headed through the kitchen and back to the closet. I'm sure I looked funny jumping here and there and spraying bug spray everywhere. I know ants are mostly harmless, but when you upset them they run in all directions which sorta freaks me out. You can't just shoo them away like flies. So anyway...I had a pile of ants to clean up while trying not to gag. It's funny to me that I can clean up all sorts of bodily fluids and moldy messes, but dead things just really get to me. Funny.

You know what's the worst is maggots. I'm gagging just thinking about it. This summer, as well as last, when the flies get really bad they swarm to the garbage cans and lay eggs that hatch really fast. Like within a week fast. We had maggots in our garbage can. I made the mistake of letting the lid slam down when I saw them and then got showered in flying maggots. YUCKY! It was enough to send me squealing and hopping around and running back into the house. So so so gross.

I know you wanted to hear all about that, huh?

In other news this morning, you recall that I may have mentioned in the past that we will be moving to the east coast. It was supposed to be March, but we all know how that goes. It's either months earlier, or months later. Or in some cases, not at all. We're leaving earlier. As of yesterday, we're leaving to be in NC the first or second week of January. So yesterday I sat down to browse the internet for homes, because Kevin really wants to buy since we'll be there for a few years. I started looking again this morning, and then I freaked out as the thought hit me that I have to PACK. And I have to go through everything and get rid of stuff and have a garage sale to get rid of the stuff. AND...I've never been to the East Coast. (Mostly I wonder what it will be like to see the sun rise over the ocean rather than set over the ocean. It'll be new and different.) And I don't really know anyone. And shortly after we arrive, he's supposed to deploy again, this time to Afghanistan. (He just got home right? ) This time he'll be with Recon. I'm a bit frazzled about it all.

Anthony is worried about the important stuff like, "Can we bring Penny (our bunny) and Cara (our hampster)?" Uh.... don't know yet. "Will my teacher send homework with me so I can finish?" Hmm.

Get a headache when I think too deeply about it all.
I'm going to go watch a soap opera or something. Their problems are always so much worse than mine:)


MeredithBowen said...

I haven't talked to you in forever! Just wanted to say hi and we are keeping y'all in our prayers. Hope to see you all soon! I have a new email so if you ever get a chance I'd love to hear from y'all:)

Cami* said...

ANTS! When Bradan was Days old we had an ifestation thatsent me over the edge... i couldn't deal with it, had to get every one and He's so tiny and needing attention, AHHHHH~* Eventually i figured out that they had made a hwy through our home, Strange, but it happens every spring, through summer.

As for the move, wow, i will pray it's all really exciting and Easy!
You Deserve it~*

xoxoxo, cami*