Monday, October 06, 2008

My little experiment.

Last week my present to myself came in the mail. I got this pretty off ebay for $15. He came with seasonal outfits, which is cool.
I'm trying an experiment with him. I've encased him in rubber casting material to see if I can reproduce one like it. Should be interested to see if it works or not. I'm still waiting for the rubber to dry. Whatever happens, I'm going to repaint him because the paint job he has is really sad. It looks like someone used a air paint gun thing (what are those called again?) and did a quicky job on him. Need to fix his hand too because it broke in transit from where ever it was he came from.

Kevin just sighed and shook his head at me-- "Nothing is ever good enough for you. Gotta go and redo everything..." Hehe. I know. I got to stop that.

1 comment:

Cami* said...

It's a good gift!
i bet that'll work~

Seems us Creative folks can't take things at face value, there's More, Greater Potential in Everything!

i think it's Wonderful, Husbands... find this difficult.