Wednesday, October 08, 2008

About yesterday...

I was having all sorts of problems getting my programs to work together. Very odd. It's probably just me though.

Anyway, I had wanted to share this coloring page with you for celebrating Our Lady of the Rosary.
Color away, kids! Color away!

So yesterday evening we got to go to 1st ANGLICO's homecoming. Lots of Kevin's friends went directly from 5th ANGLICO to 1st ANGLICO, and on to Iraq.

I think it was roughly 5 months in between their deployments. Whew! That's a lot of out of country time in a short period of time. Two of the three or four that I know from the group have not reenlisted and will be going home soon to different parts of the country. They're tired, and I don't blame them. They've spent more time out of the country than in it in their four years of service. They will be missed. It was good to see them all happy to be home, and I'm grateful that everyone came back safe and sound.

Annie's favorite person/Marine gave her a big hug, and she gave him a kiss. It was pretty cute. "Uncle Ga-weee!" They're still quite taken with each other, and he promised to come over and play with her and toss her in the air like she loves.

We passed out beer and hugs. Everyone was happy. Thank God for one more group safely home!

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