Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello Happy Little World.

What's new with you?

The latest and greatest around here is that I'm taking back what I said about leaving in January. Had you going though, didn't I? Our options ended up being to either move in January and deploy right away to Afghanistan, or wait until March and then deploy in about a year. We just did a deployment, so doing another one so soon didn't really sound like peaches and cream to me. (Tune in next time for a new and different story. I almost guarantee there will be one!)

That's ok. It gives me some time to chill out before I pack up in the spring.

In other news today....Have you been paying attention to the stock market? Ohmygoodness, it's so scary! But in a slightly demented way it's funny. Makes you reprioritize! We have some money in a ROTH IRA, which took a larger than one would anticipate dive into losing money. It's a good thing that money is "extra" because other wise it would be frightening. Not that it isn't upsetting, but we still have a steady income which is more than we can say (sadly) for some others (who are very much in my prayers, by the way).

You will recall that my camera broke. Too bad, so sad, wait for news on what can happen is basically the story. We're going to try to see if they will replace it for me which would be great. In the mean time....I still have my film camera. I know, "a what?" you might say. I went and got it a new battery and whipped out the lenses and cleaned them. Tomorrow I'm going to try it out the old fashioned way. It's sort of exciting. Everything now is so instant, that the having to wait is actually really cool and something to look forward to. It's like a present! Sort of like getting real mail! How often does that happen anymore. It's all Blackberries and email and text-messaging and digital everything.

Let's pretend that old and slow is the new "cool". Try it for a day and see how you do. I dare you to go without your email for a day.

I bet you'll get withdrawls.

(I would.)

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