Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All is well.

They finally got the fire that was near our house under control later in the afternoon yesterday. We went a few hours without power as they cleaned up and replaced some power polls.

Our friend who lives right near where the fire was said that everything is fine and they were all allowed back into their barracks. Thank goodness!

Thought I'd share some more pictures with you.

Yesterday as we walked through the Zoo I noticed this little plant-sheltered enclosure that was meant to be a place for mothers to be able to sit and nurse and care for their children. In the middle was this ...
Kevin caught me chuckling to myself. He asked me what was so funny....but it's not that it was funny. Just ironic, I guess. Looking at that sculpture made me think, "That was made by someone who knows what mothering is like!"

Below...Our little miss got herself a butterfly to adorn her cheek. "Would you like some glitter?" asked the painter. "Uh-huh!"

This patch of purple flowers grew along a busy walk-way. I thought, how pretty to have some loveliness among the asphalt.

The petting zoo. So dangerous for my little girl. Or should I say for the animals. She kept chasing after the poor things. I was afraid that someone would get hurt. Or that she would get kicked.

In all the times we've been to the Zoo we never got to visit the Panda enclosure because the line is always soooo long. But it was fairly short...Annie thought they were "so cuuuuute!"

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