Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pain in the brain! It's Sunday already!

We've had quite the hectic weekend.

My mom flew down from NorCal to pack up her things, (that were stored in my garage), and drive them back north to her new home. I was all enthused to help her pack up the truck, but my little one decided she wanted to cry about everything, and be the center of the universe so I stuck with managing to try to keep her out of the way of my brothers and Kevin while they worked.

Kevin also had his motorcycle course going on this weekend. He's actually gone right now at it. People keep asking me if I am crazy to have let him get the big orange monster, which I can understand. It is a scary machine, full of power, and I'm sure very speedy. But the hubby is actually full of respect for it's power, (and maybe a little nervous about it, but don't tell him I said so). I'd rather he have that healthy respect for it and keep on with the safety instructions and gear gathering than to just hop on it and start speeding through traffic at 80 or 90 mph. It's when you lose that respect for it that bad things happen. I think, anyways.

Anyway, while he is gone I've got to get to cleaning up around here.

Now that the garage is (mostly) empty, I'm going to clean up what's out there (mostly empty boxes) and move all my sewing and craft stuff down from the kids room. I know! Craft stuff in a kids room! How crazy am I? They're pretty good about leaving it all alone though. And for the most part it's just in the closet. But I figure, it'll give them more room, and me more room (and quiet) to be able to work. I haven't done much in a long time. I did draw up some cute sketches lately. I'll share some soon! I'm going to transfer them to some Bristol board to paint.

No picture to color today. I've been too busy with other things. I'll work on one for next week!

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