Thursday, September 04, 2008

Staying ahead of the game.

For a while now (since we paid up all our debt) we've been trying to stay ahead of things. You know, like paying extra on credit card bills, etc.

Well, the same goes for gift shopping. And Halloween costume shopping. And Christmas shopping. And household product shopping. And other things.

We decided today that we would get a head start on Christmas and Halloween. Good idea eh? I shopped around a few thrift stores and found the perfect little dress for Annie to be a princess for Halloween. Everything is about Princesses since this occurred...
Of course everything is about being a princess!

She was thrilled with the dress I got her. And then pointed out that she needed shoes to match. "I NEED flower shoes!" So off we went to get some shoes. Target just happened to have some cute flowery sandals on sale for $5 that she can wear all around, not just for Halloween. Perfect!

And while we were at it...Anthony of course needed a costume too! Duh! I steered them clear of the Transformers and Barbie isle (oh lordy!) and made it to the "crunchy granola toy" isle where they just happened to have a Knight in Shining Armor set! This was it, he proclaimed. He would protect his sister the Princess. He would be the Knight in Shining Armor. Yay! And only $10.95. Even better.

We rushed back home and tried everything on. And then a little while later Anthony rushed downstairs, unsheathed his sword and proclaimed, "FOR Aslan (sp?)! And for NARNIA!"He is totally awesome! *proud sigh*

And what he doesn't know is....a few weeks ago I was birthday shopping for him and found almost the whole cast set of toys of Narnia for $1.48 each. And I got him the movie to go with. Hehehe. Life is funny.

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Cristal said...

Nice costumes..! I too got some nice Halloween costumes from Target at very affordable price.