Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm loved! Let me share:)

First I just want to say that God is GOOD. I was praying really hard that He would provide the right teacher for Anthony. And to me, it was made abundantly clear that He did indeed do that. See, He is listening!

We had orientation yesterday with both the morning and afternoon teachers, so we got to feel out both of them. Anthony will be going in the morning. (Which I like!) His teacher is a nice lady who has a 7 year old and another in middle school. She talked a bit about them understanding the kids having anxiety and separation issues. This is really good because we had another incident the other day with Anthony running down the street screaming uncontrollably. Anyway, while his teacher was talking about such things, the other teacher was busy tripping over a kid that happened to walk behind him, pointing out that he's not used to kids because he doesn't have any. Okie doke. A kindergarten teacher doesn't necessarily have to have kids...but should be used to what kinds of things they do, right? He kept pointing out his limited experience. I wanted to tell him to stop because he was making the other parents nervous!

I'm sure everything will be fine.

Anthony played outside while we met with the teacher and seemed to be just fine. He was a bit shy at first, needing me to walk him out, but he did fine. I think he'll be ok.

After that little adventure, we headed out to the mall to scope out some new shoes for Anthony. Our little man is used to wearing his Crocs 24/7 so trying on shoes was interesting. He didn't even know how they are supposed to fit:) We settled on some great black and yellow Batman-looking shoes. He's happy with them. We had him wear them around the mall so he could learn to walk in them as well! Wandering around we went into the jewelery store where we got our wedding rings, only because there were signs everywhere that they were closing and everything was on sale, and discounted, and half off, etc. I was doubtful that they would have anything that I would like, and even more doubtful that they would have a matching band for my wedding ring since they were not getting any more inventory. But lookie there! They happened to have the very last one, in just the right size. And the hubby bought it for me!

So if you look at the pictures my rings band....engagement because-he-loves-me band :)

Pretty huh?!

I'm loved. I love it.

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Carrie said...

Ooooooh, nice bling!!

Thanks for entering my giveaway! From what I can deduce from glancing at this point, your hubb is a soldier who served in Iraq.

Wow... Thank you for your sacrifice of your time with your husband. Thank you to your kids and thank you to your husband. I am so thankful for those who serve our country to promote freedom and liberty!

I can't wait to read more!