Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School

Couple people wrote and asked how the first day of school went so I thought I'd share a few little tidbits.

We were ready bright and early. Even Little Miss, who proclaimed that she was going to school too! Not so, but cute none the less. Daddy got to come along too. And then called later to make sure I was ok:)

As the minutes wore on, though, the excitement gave way to anxiety and Anthony started school in tears and sobbing. We expected this. It was still hard on Mamma, who was gently guided away from school by Daddy, and assured by all that the small one would be fine.

Which he was! Three and a half hours later I picked him up and heard all about his exciting day, with reassurance from miss teacher that the tears didn't last too long.

All is well. Excitement for tomorrow is present, and a desire to visit his new friends once again.

Now I can forge ahead with some new things. Like...what to do with free hours when Annie decides to put herself down for a nap. Those hours today I spent anxiously praying that all would be well (and sweeping the floor) and that he would have a great time (and changing sheets) . Tomorrow I get to go get my cavities filled. Oh joy!

Onward! Happy day:)

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Cami* said...

That's Great News~ Congrats!

xoxoxo, me*