Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something important and essentially life changing.

I don't often come upon something that I feel is really necessary to share in the news. Mostly because the news can be so depressing.

But I came across an article about a project called At Your Cervix, which I believe is very important for the dignity of women to be realized. Any of you who have been through a pelvic exam will know what I am talking about. The pelvic exam, especially during pregnancy, labor or postpartum can be extremely humiliating if care isn't taken. But it's not just at these times. It's all the time.

From the website:

“Uncomfortable”; “Humiliating”; “Traumatic”; “Scarring”--words women too often use to describe pelvic exams. Most of the 90 million U.S. women who get pelvic exams think they are supposed to hurt. Women show disbelief when told that if done correctly on a healthy woman, pelvic exams should be pain-free.

The documentary, At Your Cervix, enters U.S. medical and nursing schools and breaks the silence around the unethical ways in which medical and nursing students learn to perform pelvic exams. These practices—which include nursing students being required to perform exams on each other in front of faculty and medical students “practicing” on unconscious, unconsenting patients—lead directly to the reality that most women find pelvic exams to be humiliating and painful. The existence of these egregious practices are challenged in the film by highlighting an ethical and more effective way of teaching the pelvic exam that has existed for nearly 30 years: the work of the Gynecological Teaching Associates (GTA) of New York City, in which the “patient” herself is the teacher.

To read more about the project that is trying to educate and inform the medical profession, and the world, please visit the following link.

http://www.atyource rvixmovie. com/about. html

Honestly, I can't wait to see this movie.

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Anonymous said...

forgive the understatement, this makes me want to cry.