Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Canaanite Woman--A good example!

She's a lesson in how to be a good mother, this Canaanite woman.

I reread the gospel reading for today and asked myself a few questions and made a few observations.

1. She wasn't perfect! She was a Canaanite after all. They were considered less than mediocre.

Observing myself, well, I'm obviously less than mediocre at times too! Actually more often than not. BUT, our God is a loving God and a merciful God and this woman realized that in this Man and asked for what she needed/wanted anyway. It's not where we come from that matters, but who we are aiming to be. Her daughter needed saving. She wasn't taking no for an answer, and Our Lord heard and answered her. We could be just like that. We may not have the perfect way of asking for what is needed, but God sees our efforts and will reward them.

2. Be persistent.

Good grief, this woman was brave! Even when Jesus basically called her a dog, she kept at it. Can you imagine?! She knew she wasn't this great person, but for the sake of her daughter she was willing to beg to get what her daughter needed. Persistence pays off. This woman makes that clear for us. So as mom's we should be persistent.

3. The Canaanite woman asked for what her daughter needed.

Maybe this seems like a sort of "duh" thing to you...but at times, I get overwhelmed with my kids oddities and forget that "Hey! I can ask for help in this area!" Forgive me for being an air takes me a minute sometimes to catch on. I can pray, and ask and beg for the Lord to help Anthony avoid the naughty/trouble-making kids on his own. I can pray that Annie will not be so bossy along with teaching her. And you know what, compared to casting out demons, these things are SMALL. But hey, who says they are insignificant. That Canaanite woman thought it was important to ask so she did it.

So this lady was nobody special, but she knew what Jesus was capable of. She wasn't a Jew, and our Lord Jesus answered her anyway! So ultimately he doesn't care who you are, He is here to help everyone. Good example huh?


Happy Sunday.

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