Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm just tired! It's been a week.

The kids had to (are still) get used to daddy being home. It's gonna be a process. That's ok. It's just, yeah, hard at times. Though it's going better than I anticipated. Annie for a bit there would cry at the drop of a hat. She literally was crying over spilled milk, whereas before she would, ya know, paint the table and walls with it. She's doing better. Anthony is just very afraid of disappointing. I keep assuring him that he's doing fine. Just like when I correct him about something, daddy does the same thing. Just differently. But he still loves him and is trying to do what is best for him. Communication is key! I assure him that it's ok to tell daddy when he's upset, or hurt, or scared, or doesn't understand something, or whatever. He won't just get yelled at. (What can I say--my fuse runs short sometimes! I do yell. Though I'm trying to be better about that. The daddy yelling is always scarier than the mamma yelling though...)

Anyway...Kevin had to go back to work on Thursday. Stupid, yes! That gave us less than a week to get situated around here. But that's the Marine Corps for ya. Towards the end of the month he will get to take 30 days leave, and then we will go on vacation. (We're going to Disneyland!!!) And some other quiet things, like bowling and just spending time together. Since he's been home the few days he did have off we were busy with things. So things have been a little crazy. I've been doing my best to keep the kids on their regular schedule, which I think has helped them with readjusting. We've had to introduce the daddy person to how we do some things around here now. Like where people sit at the table, what we do throughout the day, what the chores are and when they get done. I think he took a little bit to adjust to us too:) (I like to know what we're doing and what the plans are so I can know when I need to get things done, etc. Control freak you think? Possibly!) We're doing good though.

Some good things since Kevin has been home:
1. The kids seem happier and more content. They will play together nicely. This afternoon they giggled and played for about 2 hours together. Talk about unusual.

2. They are more willing to keep to the plans and go along with what I ask of them. It's good, but one has to wonder how long that will last...

3. I don't have to dump the garbage. :)

4. I don't have to wash the car. :)

5. Lots of hugs and kisses.

Last night Anneliese kept running back and forth between rooms, so I just ended up in her bed for most of the night. Tiring, to say the least. She didn't nap today, so I'm hoping she will sleep for a good 4 or 5 hours before she wakes up. We can hope. I thought that by two years old they were supposed to sleep through the night. Who came up with that rule anyway? Someone with out kids maybe.

I hope YOU sleep well tonight!

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